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Shanghai Disney Resort: Part Time Campaign

Role: Illustrator, Designer

Task: Shanghai Disneyland Resort requested an ad hoc campaign marketing part time opportunities at the park.

The primary message of this campaign is "If you have a bit of free time, work part time!" 

We decided that in order to showcase "part-time", the most fun and creative way was to illustrate Disney elements on top of the stock imagery. For example, drawing a Disney Cast Member uniform, a name tag, or Mickey ears. All these elements can only be found exclusively at Disney. This idea showcase the brand, but also delivers a unique experience working at Shanghai Disney Resort. 

These assets were used on posters, web banners, banner stands, as well as social media platform: WeChat with over 44.5k views.

Program used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Procreate on iPad

Shanghai Disney Part Time Ad: Text
Shanghai Disney Part Time Ad: Work


Shanghai Disney Part Time Ad: Text
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