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Green House Chinese Restaurant Branding

The client wanted a new logo which prompted a brand revamp. They wanted a logo that is traditional, modern, minimalistic yet reflects them.

Many Chinese restaurants serves American Chinese Food and Green House was just that. However they decided to go back to their roots and incorporated Cantonese Style Chinese Food to their menu. With this in mind, the goal was to modernize the overall look and feel of the restaurant.

The new brand reflects the new change. The client although wanted a modern feel, they did not want to give off the impression that the brand is a fusion restaurant. To solve that, the use of the Chinese characters overarching the clean san serif typeface establish the idea that the restaurant put tradition first then modernism. The new look creates a clean and minimalist feel where it will attract new customers and steadily introduce them to Cantonese Style Chinese Food. 

Role: Art Director, Designer, Photographer

Software: Adobe Creative Cloud (Illustrator & Photoshop)

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