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Partnering with AfroTech World to design Disney's Booth

Due to COVID-19, AfroTech was moved to a virtual space. The parent company of AfroTech, Blavity built out their very own platform to host their conference. 

I worked with the AfroTech creative team to create the Disney Booth so attendees could explore to find information about Disney Tech. Attendees could watch videos to learn about our technologist or visit our Disney at AfroTech microsite to learn what it's like to work at Disney tech as a black technologist.

Watch the video below for a quick walkthrough of the booth, as well as a small conference room in AfroTech World.

Disney Booth at AfroTech: Text
Disney Booth at AfroTech: Image

Click below to learn more behind Disney at AfroTech 2020

Disney Booth at AfroTech: Text
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