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Disney x AfroTech World 2020

As part of The Walt Disney Company's ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion, Disney decided to participate at the 2020 AfroTech Conference. Due to the pandemic, the conference was moved to a virtual space. The parent company of AfroTech, Blavity decided to build their own virtual conference space, AfroTech World.

Role: Lead Designer

Task: Create a full marketing campaign to tell the story of our black cast members. We went through in-depth rounds of revisions as well as collaborating with other creatives to ensure that the campaign represents Disney's Tech Space.

Program used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Click through to see how the project came to life

Disney x AfroTech World 2020: Text

Disney at AfroTech Concept

Task: as lead designer, I was tasked to create the overall Disney presence at AfroTech World 2020 conference.

Disney x AfroTech World 2020: Image

Partner with AfroTech to design Disney booth

Task: Bring the concept to life for AfroTech world attendees.

Disney x AfroTech World 2020: Image
Screen Shot 2021-01-03 at 5.07.51 AM.png

Disney at AfroTech Microsite

Creating a microsite that attendees can visit to learn more about what life is like to work at Disney as a technologist.

Disney x AfroTech World 2020: Image

Celebrating Disney at AfroTech

Disney Belong, wrote an article on The Walt Disney Company support of AfroTech 2020

Disney x AfroTech World 2020: Image
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